VerthashMiner 0.7.2 - Download and Set up - Guide

VerthashMiner: how to install and running, command line arguments.

The Complete Guide to Configuring Verthashminer Version 0.7.2 and Newer.

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What is VerthashMiner?

VerthashMiner is a high performance GPU miner for the Verthash algorithm. The release of the open source program was made possible by the Vertcoin project and its community. Developer: CryptoGraphics. The implementations of Stratum, WorkIO and GBT are based in part on cpuminer-multi and lyclMiner.

Verthash Miner is an official open source miner for Windows and Linux with no commission for developers. It works on almost any graphics card from AMD, Nvidia and Intel.

Supported Hardware

  • AMD GPU GCN 1.0 or newer.
  • NVIDIA graphics card with Compute Power 3.0 or later.
  • (Some compute versions may require different miner builds for the CUDA backend. For example, version 8.0 requires CUDA 11.0, which excludes support for 3.0.).
  • In addition, the miner requires a video card with 2 GB of video memory or higher (depends on the WorkSize parameter).

Supported Platforms

  • AMD: OpenCL 1.2+ from AMD Radeon Software driver on Windows. AMDGPU-Pro and ROCm on Linux.
  • NVIDIA: OpenCL 1.2+ and CUDA are supported via a proprietary driver.

Mesa Gallium Compute and macOS are not supported.

How to set up VerthashMiner

Step 1 - Download the miner

Download the latest release from the official VerthashMiner GitHub repository.

  1. Go to the Releases section on GitHub.


  2. In the Assets drop-down list, find the latest version of the program.
  3. Extract the downloaded archive. Better to use WinRAR to extract the archive.


Step 2 - Configure VerthashMiner

After unpacking the archive, you need to create new .bat files or edit existing ones. These files will store your program launch configuration.


Note: the Verthash algorithm requires a special file - verthash.dat, which can be obtained from external sources or generated by the miner using the following command:

verthashminer.exe --gen-verthash-data verthash.dat

Therefore, first you need to run the generate_verthash_data.bat file and wait for this file to be generated. This may take some time. The file weighs about 1.2 GB.

You will see the message "This may take a while ..." in the console. Wait for the inscription: "Verthash data file has been generated!"


Next, in the same folder as verthashminer.exe, you will need to create a file with the extension .bat. You can also just edit the existing .bat file.

If you want to create a new .bat file, first create a file with the extension .txt and change it to the extension .bat.

Open your .bat file with Notepad or Notepad ++ (which is more convenient). Below is an example configuration for a ZergPool. You need to enter the following commands into it:

VerthashMiner -u Vnhysez7nkJh9seeXjQevRjKVJUzxbaNn2 -p c=VTC,mc=VTC -o stratum+tcp:// --all-cl-devices --all-cu-devices

At the very beginning of the line is the command -u Vnhysez7nkJh9seeXjQevRjKVJUzxbaNn2.

Instead of Vnhysez7nkJh9seeXjQevRjKVJUzxbaNn2 just enter your Vertcoin wallet address.

Do not forget to specify in the .bat file the path to the verthash.dat file generated in the step above.

Example: --verthash-data C:\VerthashMiner\verthash.dat

You should get the following (our program is located on disk C):

VerthashMiner -u Vnhysez7nkJh9seeXjQevRjKVJUzxbaNn2 -p c=VTC,mc=VTC -o stratum+tcp:// --all-cl-devices --all-cu-devices --verthash-data C:\VerthashMiner\verthash.dat

Step 3 - Start the miner

The third step is to launch the program.

Attention! Do not run verthashminer.exe. You must run the .bat file.

It is your .bat file or configuration file that gives the program information about your wallet and mining pool.

After starting the miner for a few minutes, you will see a console window with a hash rate:


How to mine Vertcoin - Tutorial (Miner/Pool/OC setup)

Please note that creating the verthash.dat file is time consuming and can take about 10 minutes when using VerthashMiner on an Intel Core-i5 6500T quad-core processor with SATA SSD. The good news is thatyou only need to generate a data file and then when you run the program with normal command line parameters it just downloads the .DAT file and starts mining.

How to mining with 3 gb GPU vram - Vertcoin on zergpool

This video will show you how to mine vertcoin using the nvidia 3GB gpu. which will be converted into Dogecoin.


Config file

All miner settings can also be controlled through the configuration file. As in the [lyclMiner] program (

  1. Create a config file.
    • The configuration file can be generated. Create a file GenerateConfig.bat in the same folder as VerthashMiner.exe with the following content:
      VerthashMiner -g your_config_file.conf
    • (For Linux) The config file can be generated using the following command inside cmd / terminal: ./VerthashMiner -g your_config_file.conf
    • Additional notes:
      • A configuration file is created specifically for your GPU and driver settings.
      • The configuration file must be recreated every time you add / remove a new device from / to the PCIe slot.
        • If you want to use NVIDIA graphics cards with an OpenCL backend when CUDA is available, then the configuration file must be generated with the --no-restrict-cuda option. Example: Bat (windows):
          VerthashMiner -g your_config_file.conf --no-restrict-cuda


          ./VerthashMiner -g your_config_file.conf --no-restrict-cuda
  2. Setting up the miner. Open the file your_config_file.conf with any text editor and edit the fields URL, Username, Password and CoinbaseAddress (for solo mining only) inside the Connection block. Additional notes:
    • It is recommended to configure BatchTimeMs and OccupancyPct [options] (# Static and adaptive WorkSize configuration) for each Device in order to get the best performance or responsiveness of the desktop.
  3. Use VerthashMiner -c your_config_file.conf to start mining.
    • Alternative (Windows). Create a file Run.bat in the same folder as VerthashMiner.exe with the following content:
      VerthashMiner -c your_config_file.conf
    • Additional notes:
    • To use NVIDIA GPUs with OpenCL backend when CUDA is available:
      VerthashMiner -c your_config_file.conf --no-restrict-cuda

Note that in this case your_config_file.conf must also be generated using the --no-restrict-cuda command.

Installing AMD graphics driver on Ubuntu Server and running Verthashminer

On this video i try to show how to install the latest graphics card driver from AMD, on the latest Ubuntu Server.


Commands and options

There are many command line options available in Verthash Miner.

If you want to try command line options or need a specific option, you can add a short or long option in any order.) For example, use -h or --help

List of available commands:

Usage: VerthashMiner [options]


--algo <algorithm>                                 (-a)
        Specify the algorithm to use:
        - verthash (default)

--url  <address>                                   (-o)
        Set URL of mining server in format (address:port).

--user <user>                                      (-u)
        Set username for mining server.

--pass <password>                                  (-p)
        Set password for mining server.

--cert <File>
        Select certificate for mining server using SSL.

--proxy <[PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT]>                 (-x)
        Connect through a proxy.

--cl-devices <index,index,...>  (-d)
        Select specific OpenCL devices from the list, obtained by '-l' command.

        Use all available OpenCL devices from the list, obtained by '-l' command.
        This options as a priority over per device selection using '--cl-devices'

--cu-devices <index,index,...>  (-D)
        Select specific CUDA devices from the list, obtained by '-l' command.

        Use all available CUDA devices from the list, obtained by '-l' command.
        This options as a priority over per device selection using '--cu-devices'

--retries <N>                                      (-r)
        Set number of times to retry if a network call fails.
        (default: retry indefinitely)

--retry-pause <N>                                  (-R)
        Time to pause between retries, in seconds.
        (default: 30)

--timeout <N>                                      (-T)
        Timeout for long polling, in seconds.
        (default: none)

--scantime <N>                                     (-s)
        Upper bound on time spent scanning current work when
        long polling is unavailable, in seconds.
        (default: 5)

--coinbase-addr <ADDR>
        Specify a payout address for solo mining.

--coinbase-sig <text>
        Data to insert in the coinbase when possible.

        Disable long polling support.

        Ignore requests to change the URL of the mining server.

        Allow to use NVIDIA GPUs on OpenCL platform even if CUDA is available.

        Enable extra debug output.

--protocol-dump                        (-P)
        Cerbose dump of protocol-level activities.

        Run in offline benchmark mode.

--config <File>                        (-c)
        Load a configuration file.

--gen-conf <File>                      (-g)
        Generate a configuration file with pcie bus IDs(if possible) and exit.

--gen-verthash-data <File>
        Generate a verthash data file and exit.

--verthash-data <File>                 (-f)
        Specify verthash mining data file.

        Disable verthash data file verification.

        Enables logging to file.

--device-list                          (-l)
        Print all available device configurations and exit.

--version                              (-v)
        Display version information and exit.

--help                                 (-h)
        Display this help text and exit.

Fix problems

Verthash data file name is invalid

The miner does not see the file verthash.dat. You have to generate it and provide a path.

To generate, run the command:

VerthashMiner.exe --gen-verthash-data verthash.dat

And then specify the path to the place where the generated verthash.dat is located.


--verthash-data C:\VerthashMiner\verthash.dat

Miner configuration failed! (Errors: 1, Warnings: 0)

You have an error in your config file. Check it again for the presence of Sentax errors.


Thank you for reading to the end. Bookmark my site in your browser. Happy mining.



  • Fixed calculation of the range of nonce for GBT.


  • Changed the formula “Difficulty of achieving the goal” to a more reliable one.


  • Removed old files.

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