TT-Miner 6.1.0 - Download and configure for KawPow

TT-Miner: how to set up and running, command line arguments.

Complete tutorial for setting up TT Miner version 6.1.0 and newer.

Download for Windows/Linux

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TT-Miner is a miner for algorithms such as KawPow, PROGPOW, ETHASH, ETCHASH, UBQHASH and MTP. TT-Miner also supports Nicehash Ethash mining. It works on both Windows and Linux. Graphics cards are only supported by Nvidia.

Developer Fee - DevFee is 1 minute for 1 hour of mining - that’s about 1.7%, which is pretty high. By comparison, PhoenixMiner has a developer commission of 0.65%.

Supported algorithms

  • PROGPOW (Zano, Sero and EPIC, Veil)
  • KAWPOW (Ravencoin, Zelantus)
  • ETHASH (ETH, Music, Callisto, etc.)
  • MTP (Zcoin, Tecra)

System requirements

The program requires the latest version of the C ++ runtime. If you see the missing file VCRUNTIME140_1.dll - download the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable package.

The miner supports CUDA 9.2, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and 11.0. If you want to make sure TT-Miner is using a specific CUDA version, add one of these values, if you don’t add any of them, the miner will always use the algorithm for the latest CUDA version.

How to set up TT-Miner

Step 1 - Download the miner

Download the latest release from the official TT-Miner GitHub repository.

  1. Check out the Releases section on GitHub.


  2. In the Assets dropdown, find the latest version.
  3. Extract the downloaded archive. Better to use WinRAR to extract the archive.


Step 2 - Configure TT-Miner

After unpacking the archive, you need to create new .bat files or edit existing ones. These files will store your launch configuration.


If you want to create a new .bat file, first create the file with the extension .txt and change it to the extension .bat.

Open the .bat file with Notepad or Notepad ++ (it's more convenient). Below is an example setup for the Binance Pool. You need to enter the following commands into it:

@echo off


TT-Miner.exe -A ETHASH -P stratum+tcp://[email protected]:8888

echo restart miner...
goto loop

At the very beginning of the line is the login from the Binance pool - username1.

Instead username1 just enter your Binance pool login. This login must first be created on the Binance Pool.

Step 3 - Run the miner

The third step is to launch the program.

Attention! Don't run ttminer.exe. You have to run the .bat file.

It is your .bat file or configuration file that gives the program information about your wallet and mining pool.

After starting the miner for a couple of minutes, you will see a console window with a hash rate:


How To Mine Zano - EASY Quick Start Guide (Using TT Miner)


Setting up for Zano


To mine the Zano cryptocurrency, you need to add the following commands to the bat file:

  1. TT-Miner.exe - the name of the program to run.
  2. PROGPOWZ - the name of the algorithm of the mined coin.
  3. ZANO - the name of the cryptocurrency token.
  4. iZ2bZfXdeN626rkyy9YsnfeT1Qq1K6XamE4brWm3tzP5hDUAig4dHmKSqe4yyq5dgbSPjmpLbfidqPyDXAuFY2J9544CBmprtMw2cK7wyQws - the address of the mined coin.
  5. YOUR_WORKER - the name of the worker (you can specify any). 6. - mining pool address. 7.8877 - mining pool port.


@echo off


TT-Miner.exe -A PROGPOWZ -coin ZANO -luck -P stratum1+tcp://iZ2bZfXdeN626rkyy9YsnfeT1Qq1K6XamE4brWm3tzP5hDUAig4dHmKSq[email protected]

echo restart miner...
goto loop

For the pool address and pool port, see the pool website. The address of the digital wallet can be obtained from the cryptocurrency exchange, or the official wallet of the mined coin can be installed.

Algorithm PROGPOWZ
Pool address
PORT: 8877
Wallet iZ2bZfXdeN626rkyy9YsnfeT1Qq1K6XamE4brWm3tzP5hDUAig4dHmKSqe4yyq5dgbSPjmpLbfidqPyDXAuFY2J9544CBmprtMw2cK7wyQws
How to mine Zano - easy quick start guide (using tt miner)

The easiest way to mine ZANO using TT Miner!


Zano Review and MINING Guide From A to Z

When you add the .bat you have to change the file type from text document to 'All files'.


Configuring for Ethermine


How to mine coins on Ethermine:

  1. TT-Miner.exe - the name of the program to run.
  2. ETHASH - the name of the coin mining algorithm.
  3. 0x3aa3e06c47cadef96202d378ab7c407cf46a36a4 - the address of the digital wallet of the mined coin.
  4. - the address of the mining pool.
  5. 4444 - mining pool port.


@echo off


TT-Miner.exe -A ETHASH -P stratum+tcp://[email protected] 

echo restart miner...
goto loop

In this example, we did not use the command YOUR_WORKER because it is not required to run on ethermine.


Setting up for Nicehash

Example setup for Nicehash and Ravencoin cryptocurrency:


How to mine coins on Nicehash:

  1. TT-Miner.exe - the name of the program to run.
  2. rvn - name of the mined coin.
  3. P7qADz69quhfyK5e9kvfno6Jyjq4Rcocx - wallet address from Nicehash account.
  4. - the address of the pool for Ravencoin mining.
  5. 3385 - mining pool port.


@echo off


TT-Miner.exe -coin rvn -luck -P P7qADz69quhfyK5e9kvfno6Jyjq4Rcocx[email protected]:3385

echo restart miner...
goto loop


This program does not yet support the ability to unlock LHR for video cards of the new segment.

Zcoin (XZC) Miner's Guide - How To Mine on Windows and HiveOS (MTP)

Complete miner's guide to Zcoin (XZC).


Top 3 Ethereum GPU Miners - T-rex, TeamRedMiner and PhoenixMiner

Phoenix miner the only(best) choice for rigs mixed with NVIDIA and Radeon cards. I use hiveos, 8×1660 super & 2×5700.


Dual Mining ETH + EPIC

In this video i show you how to mine Epic + Etc/Eth (GPU).

Watch easy tutorial on how to dual mine Epic + Etc/Eth through a mining pool.


TT-Miner.exe -coin EPIC -poolinfo -luck -log -logpool -P <USER>.<WORKER>:<PWD> -coinalt etc -PALT <ETC-WALLET>.<WORKER> -coinalt clo -PALT stratuml+tcp://<WALLET>.<WORKER>


Mining KAWPOW - software comparison (benchmark)

Mining Raven coin KAWPOW, testing mining software.


Commands and options

There are many command line options available in TT Miner.

If you want to try command line options or need a specific option, you can add a short or long option in any order.) For example, use -h or --help

List of available commands:

-a, -A, -algo		ALGONAME	select the algorithm to use for mining
ETHASH		Ethash (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
UBQHASH		Ubiq version of Ethash (UBIQ)
PROGPOW		ProgPoW (Sero, Veil)
KAWPOW		KawPoW (Raven)
MTP		MTP (Zcoin)


If the program does not start, check the syntax of the bat file.


Thank you for reading to the end. Bookmark my site in your browser. Happy mining.



  • new version of TT release, including ETCHASH algorithm. Those who mine ETC are advised to upgrade TT.


mining rig for TTMiner



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