T Rex Miner 0.26.8 - Download and setup for Dual Mining (2023)

T Rex Miner: LHR unlock, commands for Nicehash.

A complete guide to setting up T Rex Miner version 0.26.8 and newer.

Download for Windows/Linux

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T Rex Miner is a console program for mining cryptocurrencies. The software supports many popular algorithms. With this software it is possible to unlock LHR1 of GPUs and overclock the core and memory clock. The Web interface and work with API for advanced users is also supported.

Does Trex support AMD?

This software only works on NVIDIA graphics cards. AMD architecture is not supported. T-Rex Miner is specially optimized for Ethereum mining on the NVIDIA platform. The setup is quite simple and does not require much knowledge.

What is the developer fee?

The developer fee2 is 1% for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The commission for dual mining3, as well as for the Octopus and Autolykos2 algorithms, is 2%.

What can be mined with T-Rex?

Algorithm What can be mined
autolykos2 Ergo
blake3 BlakeBitcoin
etchash Ethereum Classic
ethash Ethereum, QuarkChain, Metaverse, Callisto
firopow Firo
kawpow Ravencoin
mtp JemCash
mtp-tcr TecraCoin
multi Multi
octopus Conflux
progpow Sero
progpow-veil Veil
progpow-veriblock VeriBlock
progpowz Zano
tensority Bytom

How do you use Trex dual mining?

Step 1 - Download the miner

To download the T-Rex Miner software, we must go to the official GitHub. There we will find files to download. At the very top of the page, we will see the latest version for Windows, as well as the latest version for Linux. GitHub also describes to us what updates this software implements.


Choose the correct file for your operating system. If you are using Windows, select the ZIP file. For Linux, a file with the .tar.gz extension. There are usually no problems with the download, so no additional action is required.

Unzip the downloaded file. To unpack the archive, it is better to use WinRAR. trexminer_extract

Step 2 - Set up T Rex Miner

One of the good things about T-Rex Miner is that it has separate .bat files depending on the pool and the type of currency we are going to mine. After extracting the archive, you will see files with type windows batch file.


This greatly simplifies the setup process. We only need to access the pool that interests us the most. Then you need to change the necessary credentials (`wallet_address` or `pool_login`) to start mining.

  1. For dual mining, use the file ETH+ZIL-ezil.bat.
  2. To unlock LHR in dual mining use files LHR-unlock-dual-ETH+RVN.bat.
  3. To mine a single coin like Ethereum, use the file ETH+ZIL-ezil.bat.

In this example, we used the configuration for thought mining Ethereum and ZIL on Ethermine Pool. Here are the steps:

  1. We are looking for the cryptocurrency we want to mine in the folder, in our case, Ethereum + ZIL.
  2. Now we are looking for the appropriate mining pool - Ezil and Ethermine Pool.
  3. Click the right mouse button on the .bat file, and open it with Windows Notepad.
  4. A parameter line will appear in which we have to set up a few commands.
  5. First, this is the pool server we're connecting to. In our case, we can leave eu1.ethermine.org:4444
  6. We are changing the wallet address in the -u command, which we have marked in green in the following image.
  7. Save the configuration and close.

Below is the bat file setup:

t-rex.exe -a ethash --coin eth+zil -o stratum+tcp://eu1.ethermine.org:4444 -u 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2 --url2 stratum+ssl://eu.ezil.me:25443 --user2 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2.zil134ynwcs9nl2asnvn7ac03ul35jymegzxzp2gzm.WORKER --extra-dag-epoch 0

So, change the line after -u and --user2.

Instead of 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2 enter your Ethereum wallet address.

Only part of this code needs to be changed. Nothing else needs to be changed:


WORKER is what comes after the dot is the name of the miner which we will see on the Ethermine pool site.


Step 3 - Run the miner

Now double click on the .bat file and the mining process will start.

You will see this CMD in Windows:


This console shows the current mining status. To stop Trex miner, you just need to close this window. Watch the video to create a more productive setup.

Dual mining in nicehash using the t-rex miner plugin adapter. Eth+alph and eth+cfx

How to set up Trex miner on Binance pool

Perform 4 settings:

  1. ethash - enter the name of the algorithm.
  2. ethash.poolbinance.com - enter the pool address.
  3. 8888 - enter the pool port.
  4. username1 - enter the login from Binance Pool.



t-rex.exe -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://ethash.poolbinance.com:8888 -u username1


Ethereum mining - Windows 10 Gaming PC - To Binance Wallet and Pool

Edit "ETH-binance-default-group.bat" to use your Miner account.

Watch the video.


How to mine eth to binance pool with t-rex miner - tutorial

How to Mine ETH to Binance Pool with T-REX miner.

Watch the video.



What is LHR in mining?

NVIDIA LHR is a power limiting solution for mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. NVIDIA introduced this measure to prevent the use of gaming graphics cards for mining. Theoretically, this limitation is software-firmware and operates according to several algorithms. Mining software can bypass LHR blocking and increase the hash rate.

An example of unlocking LHR for dual mining ETH and RVN:

t-rex.exe -a ethash --lhr-algo kawpow -o stratum+tcp://ethash.poolbinance.com:8888 -u username1 -p x -w rig0 --url2 stratum+tcp://rvn.2miners.com:6060 --user2 RKzUGLFtdMUQgCstmufnWamA5RwN74yHU8.rig0 --pass2 x


The second way to configure is to use configuration files. You can configure the configuration both in the .bat file and in the trexminer.cfg file. To start the T-Rex with the config.txt configuration file, type in the console: t-rex -c config.txt.

Use the config_example file as a starting point for creating your own configuration.

If the option is set in the configuration file and also via the cmd line, the latter takes precedence, for example:

t-rex -c config.txt -w <worker_name_to_override_the_one_in_config_file>

You can also use environment variables: just put %YOUR_ENV_VAR% anywhere in your config file and it will be automatically set to the value of YOUR_ENV_VAR at runtime.

Settings example:

Parameter Example
algo "algo": "kawpow",
pool "url": "stratum+tcp://rvn.2miners.com:6060",
user (wallet address) "user": "RKzUGLFtdMUQgCstmufnWamA5RwN74yHU8",
Worker "worker": "%HOSTNAME%_rig0"

As with a .bat file, correct syntax is important for the configuration. This means that all commas, spaces, quotation marks and other characters must be strictly observed.

The configuration file looks like this:

  // List of main and failover pools
  "pools": [
      "user": "RKzUGLFtdMUQgCstmufnWamA5RwN74yHU8", // wallet address (change it)
      "url": "stratum+tcp://rvn.2miners.com:6060", // pool url
      "pass": "x", // password
      "worker": "%HOSTNAME%_rig0" // worker name
      "user": "RKzUGLFtdMUQgCstmufnWamA5RwN74yHU8",
      "url": "stratum+tcp://stratum.ravenminer.com:3838", // failover pool url
      "pass": "x"

  // Name of mining algorithm. You can see available names at the top of the help file.
  "algo": "kawpow",

  // Settings for T-Rex Web Page.
  "monitoring-page" : {
     "graph_interval_sec" : 3600,
     "update_timeout_sec" : 10

You can run the config using the .bat file:

t-rex.exe -c config.txt

Commands and options

Full list of command line options:

  • --coin - specify the name of the coin you want to mine.
  • --url - specify the address of the desired pool and its port, for example, eu1.ethermine.org:4444.
  • --user - specify the address of your wallet. If the pool requires a login instead, then specify it.
  • --worker - specify the name of your worker (worker name). For example, --worker RIG01.
  • --pass - specify the pool password. By default, this value is x - no password. This is because most do not have a password.

worker name is the name of your mining rig. It can be absolutely anything, like RTX3060 or just Worker1 or RIG01. However, special characters and apostrophes are not recommended. This may cause syntax errors in the settings.


T-Rex Miner Tutorial + LHR Dual Mining Revisited with Profitability (Win 10)

We will also revisit the LHR Dual Mining Unlock for Ethereum & Ravencoin, as since my previous video I discovered it is extremely sensitive to the power limit.


Commands for dual mining

With dual mining, two coins are mined simultaneously in different pools of your choice. Coins do not have to have the same algorithm.

Available algorithms for dual mode:

  • Ethash (Ethereum) + blake3
  • Ethash + Kawpow (Ravencoin)
  • Ethash + octopus (Conflux Network)
  • Ethash + autolykos2 (ergo)
  • Ethash + firopow (firo)

GPU miners can benefit from the fact that some algorithms are memory intensive (eg ethash) while others are core intensive (eg blake3). This allows you to combine algorithms and mine a second coin with very little impact on the hashrate of the first algorithm.

Dual mining can be enabled with the --dual-algo option, which should be preferred to the deprecated --lhr-algo.

Below are examples.

ETH + Alephium (ALPH), Blake3 dual algorithm

Quick start: see the file LHR-unlock-dual-ETH+ALPH *.bat/*.sh in miner archive.

If you are using HiveOS or any other mining OS that runs T-Rex with a config file instead of command line arguments, you need to specify your options in JSON.


"dual-algo": "blake3"
"url2": "stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:3106"
"user2": "14xchBfD4bwxdti44NyjK5BQWympyHuxAREigL2UkZCgZ"
"pass2": "x"

The above will set blake3 as the second algo in dual mining mode.

Performance tuning

There are several options for fine-tuning the performance of video cards depending on how they perform dual mining. See options below:

--dual-algo-mode <algo>:<tuning factor>

<algo> can be one of the following:

  • a1 - GPU will mine only the main algorithm (ETH)
  • a2 - The GPU will only mine the secondary algorithm (the one you set in --dual-algo)
  • a12 - GPU will mine both algorithms at the same time (double mining)

<tuning factor> is optional and can be one of the following:

  • rXX is the “double ratio” factor set to XX. The following equation illustrates what a “double ratio” is: <double ratio> = <secondary algorithm hashrate> / <primary algorithm hashrate> (the formula gets a bit more complicated for LHR maps, but that’s the point). This coefficient is displayed in the console shortly after the start of mining.
  • hXX - percentage of the hashrate of the main algorithm XX% (only applies to cards without LHR).

The default value for --dual-algo-mode is a12 which means all GPUs will mine in dual mode with default settings.

Non-LHR graphics cards will attempt to support 98% of the main algorithm’s maximum hashrate, and LHRs will unlock LHR up to 74, unless the LHR setting values ​​are explicitly set to a different value.

--profit-per-mh <profit_algo1>:<profit_algo2>

<profit_algo1> is the amount in dollars (or any other currency) that you expect to earn from the main algorithm at a rate of 1MH/s. You can get this information from the online mining calculator.

<profit_algo2> - the same for the secondary algorithm.

If you haven’t explicitly set the dual ratio, this setting will cause the miner to compare different “double ratios” at startup and choose the one that gives the most profit. This feature is only applicable to non-LHR cards.

Your LHR cards will dual mine according to the specified LHR setting values.


Consider the following set of options, assuming they are part of the ETH+ALPH configuration:

--dual-algo-mode a2,a1,a12,a12:r15,a1,a12:h95,a12
--lhr-tune 0,74,73,0,0,0,0
--profit-per-mh 0.0516:0.0012

Этот конфиг преоббразуется в следующее:

GPU#0: non-LHR, mines ALPH  
GPU#1: LHR, mines ETH with LHR 74  
GPU#2: LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with LHR 73  
GPU#3: non-LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with dual ratio 15  
GPU#4: non-LHR, mines ETH  
GPU#5: non-LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with ETH hashrate being approximately 95% of its max value in single mode  
GPU#6: non-LHR, mines ETH+ALPH with dual ratio that maximises profitability based on the data set in `--profit-per-mh`
(ETH expected profit is $0.0516/MH, ALPH - $0.0012/MH)

(ETH expected profit is $0.0516/MH, ALPH - $0.0012/MH)


  • Due to its nature, dual mining is very energy intensive, so if you want to maximize the hashrate of the secondary algorithm, try increasing the power limit.

An even better way would be to leave the maximum power limit and instead lock the core clock for graphics cards that support it.

  • Don’t forget to restart the miner after changing overclock settings.


ETH and Alephium Dual Mining

Hive OS extra config Arguments (copy & paste then update to yours):

"worker": "%WORKER_NAME%"

"lhr-algo": "blake3"
"url2": "us2.alephium.herominers.com:1199"
"user2": "WALLET.WorkerName1"
"pass2": "password"


Overclocking Options

What is the difference between --lock-cclock and --cclock?

  • --lock-cclock sets the core clock to an absolute value.
  • --cclock is an offset (+/-) from how overclocking works normally.
  • --lock-cclock manages power to keep the core clock where you set it.
  • --cclock does not control power, so you will need to use the --pl setting to set the power limit.
  • --lock-cclock and --cclock are mutually exclusive. Therefore, use only one command if you are using both commands on a multi-card rig (eg: --lock-cclock 0,1200 --cclock 100,0).

Supported algorithms

The list of algorithms can be found below:

  • autolykos2
  • blake3
  • etchash
  • ethash
  • firopow
  • kawpow
  • mtp
  • mtp-tcr
  • multi
  • octopus
  • progpow
  • progpow-veil
  • progpow-veriblock
  • progpowz
  • tensority

Настройка для RaveOS

How to Mine Ravencoin with RaveOS

Optimal OC settings vary from card to card. No two silicon chips are created equal so you'll need to experiment dialling your overclock up and down in increments until the hash rate won't rise any further.



how to disable one video card

To disable a video card, add the -d command followed by the bus number of the video card in the system. This command is added to the batch file.

the -d command includes the graphics card, not excludes it, so specify the number of the card you want to use with -d. And don’t list the ones you want to exclude.


-d 0


-d 1


For HiveOS, you can choose as follows:

"devices": "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11"


Who wants to build an Ethereum mining farm with NVIDIA graphics cards, the best solution is T-Rex Miner.

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