NBMiner 42.3 - Download, Setup for Dual Mining

NBMiner: commands for LHR unlock, Nicehash, HoveOs and Windows.

A complete guide for setting up NBMiner version 42.3 and newer.

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What is NB Miner?

NBMiner is a multi-coin mining software that allows you to mine Ethereum, ETH+ZIL, Conflux, Ravencoin, Beam, Aeternity and Ergo. You can start mining from the Windows command line or Linux console, or create shortcuts to predefined command lines using a Linux Bash script or Windows bat file.


Algorithm Fee
eth, ethash 1%
etc, etchash 1%
kawpow 2%
octopus 3%
beamv3 2%
aeternity 2%

The developer fee1 is 1% for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The commission of other coins is from 2% to 5%.

What can be mined with NBMiner?

Algorithm What can be mined
etchash Ethereum Classic
ethash Ethereum, Metaverse, QuarkChain, Callisto
kawpow Ravencoin
octopus Conflux (CFX)
beamhash Beam
cuckoo29 aeternity

How to set up NBMiner for dual mining?

Step 1. Download Nbminer

To get started, you first need to download the miner. Check the GitHub page for the most recent version. You can also download the release from the official site.


Then extract the contents to a folder added to the Windows exclusion list. This is an important step because Windows may see it as a threat or virus and will try to remove it. To add a miner to the exclusion list, see this post. nbminer_extract

Step 2. Choose an algorithm and edit the bat file for dual mining

After extracting all files and adding them to the exclusion list, you will need to select a bat file to run. They are listed by algorithm and have the extension .bat.


In this example, we are going to edit "Dual Eth+Zil.bat" which is the ethash algorithm for dual mining Ethereum and Zilliqa.

In this guide, we used the Ethereum and Zilliqa dual mining setup on the Ezil pool. Here are the steps:

Now that we've chosen an algorithm, we're ready to edit the batch file and paste in our data. Don't skip this step. By entering your information, you will verify that you are paid for the work of your miner.

You can edit the file by right-clicking and selecting "Edit" from the menu. It is recommended to use Notepad or Notepad++ as the editor. You should see the following text file when it is open.


The batch file has three areas that we want to change with our own settings. The first will be "Pool".

In this example, we are going to use ezil.me as our pool. You can use any pool you choose. When you go to the ezil.me site, it will give you information about the pool. You will select a mining server called "eu.ezil.me", add a colon and then add its port which is "25443".

Upon completion, you should make sure that the settings are correct: stratum+ssl://eu.ezil.me:25443.

The next step is to enter your wallet address. Since in this example we are mining Ethereum + Zilliqa, we need to specify the wallet address from Ethereum and the second coin. If you don't have a wallet yet, you can install Trust Wallet, Metamask or Exodus to get one.

But an easier way is to get wallets on thecryptocurrency exchange..

Make sure you delete your current wallet addresses and enter your personal addresses. In the example, first comes the ardes ETH 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2 then the dot . is required and the address of the second coin is entered - zil1x4j2tk87t650v3fym03adr9ph833g9ptrt6dn3

Below is the bat file setup:

nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+ssl://eu.ezil.me:25443 -u 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2.zil1x4j2tk87t650v3fym03adr9ph833g9ptrt6dn3.WORKER -log --enable-dag-cache

Step 3. Run the miner

Save your changes and you can now run the file by double clicking on the bat file we just edited.

You should see a command prompt window open.


Leave this window open to continue mining. Once you close the window, the mining session will end. Watch the video to create a more productive setup.

NBMiner Step-by-step Guide - Mining Software

How to set up NBminer on the Binance pool

Make 4 settings:

  1. ethash - specifies the name of the algorithm.
  2. ethash.poolbinance.com - enter the pool address.
  3. 8888 - indicates the port of the pool.
  4. username1 - enter the login from Binance Pool.



nbminer -a ethash -o ethash.poolbinance.com:8888 -u username1


How to Connect NBMiner with Binance Pool to mine Ethereum

Nice step by step guide and very clear!

Watch the video.



What is LHR in mining?

To successfully bypass LHR protection, you need to give the miner administrator rights. To do this, right-click the executable in the program folder and go to Properties


Check the box next to the item you want on the Compatibility tab.


Then run the bat file as administrator.


If the miner does not start, just run the bat file.

NBminer 100% LHR Unlock in HiveOS is Perfect

Run command in HiveOS was very handy to input the commands to update the nvidia driver and NBminer update

Watch the video.



To use commands, choose either the long name: --algo or the short name: -a. Both commands should not be used. These are synonyms.


nbminer -a algo -o protocol+socket_type://pool_host:pool_port -u wallet_address.worker -p passwd

Commands for connecting to the pool

  • -a, --algo \<algo> Select mining algorithm.
  • -o, --url \<url> Mining pool URL.
  • -u, --user \<user> The user used in the pool, wallet address or username.
  • -o1, --url1 \<url> The URL for the backup pool pool 1.
  • -u1, --user1 \<user> username for the backup pool pool 1.
  • -o2, --url2 \<url> URL for backup pool pool 2.
  • -u2, --user2 \<user> username for the backup pool pool 2.
  • -p, --password \<password> password for the mining pool.
  • -p1, --password1 \<password> password for backup pool1.
  • -p2, --password2 \<password> password for backup pool2.

Commands for overclocking and power limit

  • --mt, --memory-tweak \<mode> Memory timings are optimized for Nvidia GDDR5 and GDDR5X graphics cards. Range [1-6]. The higher the value, the higher the hashrate. An individual value can be set via a comma separated list. The power cap may need to be adjusted to get more hashrate.

A higher scrap rate can occur if the mining rig is exposed to high temperatures. Setting -mt to a lower value can reduce the scrap rate.

On Windows, you need to install a custom driver when using -mt, you can install it manually using the --driver option, or you can run nbminer.exe as administrator to perform an automatic installation.

On Linux, you need administrator privileges to run, sudo ./nbminer -mt x. OhGodAnETHlargementPill is no longer needed if -mt is enabled when mining on 1080 and 1080ti GPUs.

  • --driver \<action> Windows only option, install/remove driver for memory tweak. Run with administrator rights.

  • installation: bminer.exe --driver install
  • uninstall: nbminer.exe --driver uninstall

  • --power-limit, --pl \<limit> Set GPU power limit.

  • Set PL in watts: -pl 200.

  • Set PL as a percentage of the default PowerLimit: -pl 75%.

  • --cclock \<clocks> Set the core clock in MHz.

  • Set kernel clock offsets: -cclock 100, -cclock -500 (Windows only).

  • Set locked core clock: -cclock @1500.

  • --mclock \<clocks> Sets the memory clock offset in MHz. (only for Windows).

  • --lock-cv \<cv> Set the locked core voltage in mV. (only for Windows).

Fan and temperature control

  • --temperature-limit, --tl \<temp-limit> Set the GPU temperature limit, if it exceeds, stop the GPU.
  • --temperature-start, --ts \<temp-start> Set target cooling temperature if GPU is stopped by --temperature-limit command, default \<temp-limit> - 5.
  • --fan \<speed> Set the GPU fan speed as a percentage. (only for Windows).

Select video card and devices

  • -d, --devices \<devices> Specify a list of GPUs to use. Format: -d 0,1,2,3 to use the first 4 GPUs.
  • --platform \<platform> Select a platform. Available values:
  • 0: NVIDIA+AMD (default),
  • 1: NVIDIA only,
  • 2: AMD only.
  • --device-info Show cuda information about the device.
  • --device-info-json Show detailed information for each device in json format.


  • -i, --intensity \<intensities> A comma-separated list of intensities (1-100).
  • --cuckoo-intensity \<intensity> Set intensity for cuckoo, cuckaroo, cuckatoo, [1, 12] algorithms.
  • Lower value means higher CPU usage to increase hash rate.
  • Setting 0 means automatic adaptation.
  • Default: 0.

Dual mining commands

nbminer -a ethash -o stratum+ssl://eu.ezil.me:25443 -u 0x5576999cc34c1c0030f28939444d6ba9cd6919c2.zil134ynwcs9nl2asnvn7ac03ul35jymegzxzp2gzm.WORKER -log --enable-dag-cache

Logs, error log

  • --log Create a log file named logs/log_<timestamp>.txt.

  • --log-file \<filename> Generate a custom log file. Note. This option overrides --log.

  • --log-no-job Set this option to disable new job information in the console and log file.

  • --log-cycle \<loop> Set to change the pivot table display cycle in console and log in seconds, default is 30.

  • --long-format Use yyMMdd HH:mm:ss,zzz for log time format.

  • --verbose Print communication data between minersm and pooled to a log file.


  • --no-watchdog Disable the watchdog process.
  • --no-health Do not query the health status of the device. (Do not install if using LHR GPU).
  • --no-color Don’t use colored output log in cmd line.

Configuration file

  • -c, --config \<path to configuration file> Use json format configuration file, not cmd line options.
  • --generate-config \<filename> Generate sample json configuration file.

Hashrate and income statistics

  • --fee \<fee> Change devfee as a percentage, [0-5]. Set to 0 to disable development fees with lower hashrate. Otherwise devfee = max(set_value, default_value).

  • --share-check \<value> If \<value> minutes without shares, then restart the miner. Set to 0 to disable. Default: 30.

  • --no-interrupt set this option to make the miner not interrupt current GPU jobs when a new job comes from the pool, this will cause less power issue but may result in a slightly higher aging rate and share rejection.

  • --enable-igpu AMD igpu is disabled by default, enable this option.


  • -h, --help Display help.
  • -v, --version Display version information of the program.
  • --api \<host:port> Endpoint for serving the REST API.
  • --strict-ssl Check the validity of the certificate when using an SSL connection.
  • --proxy The Socks5 proxy used to establish a connection to the pool, eg.


Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know, feel free to share this guide with anyone you think would benefit from it!

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