Danila Miner 2.3.1 - Download and Setting for TON

Danila Miner: instructions for launching TON Miner.

A complete guide to configuring Danila Miner version 2.3.1 and newer.

Download for Windows/Linux

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Danila Miner - is a popular miner for mining TON cryptocurrency from Telegram. The program is closed source and runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. The software is also compatible with mining platforms such as Hive OS and RaveOS.

System requirements

The mining process takes place in the processor’s L2 cache. This means that speed and memory size does not affect mining performance. In other words, everything depends on the frequency of the processor core.

You can mine TON with a graphics card. There is a pow-miner version that is capable of using Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. You can find the code as well as instructions on how to use it in the POW Miner Tontechio GitHub repository .

How to set up Danila Miner

Step 1 - Download the miner

Download the latest release from the official Danila Miner website.

  1. Go to the Downloads section of the Ton Whales website.


  2. In the list of releases, find and download the latest version for your platform.
  3. Extract the downloaded archive. Better to use WinRAR to extract the archive.


Step 2 - Configure TON Miner

After unpacking the archive, you need to create new .bat files or edit existing ones. These files will store your launch configuration.


If you want to create a new .bat file, first create the file with the extension .txtand change it to the extension .bat.

Open the .bat file with Notepad or Notepad++ (it's more convenient). Below is an example configuration for a Whales pool. You need to enter the following commands into it:

danila-miner.exe run https://server1.whalestonpool.com EQDDSuYpiMrpLyWLVWuxtDUS_HFokO8uFU6ph9OMPISHipda
danila-miner.exe run https://server1.whalestonpool.com EQDDSuYpiMrpLyWLVWuxtDUS_HFokO8uFU6ph9OMPISHipda
goto _restart

After the pool address is the wallet address - EQDDSuYpiMrpLyWLVWuxtDUS_HFokO8uFU6ph9OMPISHipda.

Instead EQDDSuYpiMrpLyWLVWuxtDUS_HFokO8uFU6ph9OMPISHipda just enter the address from your TON wallet. This wallet can be obtained from the official TON Wallets website.


You can download the official wallet to your PC. Or you can use the web version (Web Wallet).

The address of ton coin for the miner looks like this:


Register your wallet address in the Telegram Bot at: https://t.me/WhalesPoolBot.


Click on the "Run" button. Insert into the chat with the bot the addresses of your wallet obtained in the step above.


You will see the inscription: "Congrats! Now you can use tonpool."


Step 3 - Run the miner

The third step is to launch the program.

Attention! Don't run danilaminer.exe. You have to run the .bat file.

It is your .bat file that transfers information about your wallet and mining pool to the program.

After starting the miner for a couple of minutes, you will see a console window with a hash rate:


You can check the mining statistics on the pool. Insert your TONCOIN wallet: https://tonminingpool.info/.

Telegram Crypto TONCOIN (URGENT)


For TonCoin mining:

  1. Download and unpack the miner:
  2. Enter the wallet address from TON.
  3. Run run.bat.


danila-miner.exe run https://server1.whalestonpool.com <your_wallet>


Linux и MacOS:

./danila-miner run https://server1.whalestonpool.com <your_wallet>

Instead <your_wallet> you must insert your wallet address as in the example above.


Example settings:

Pool address server1.whalestonpool.com
your_wallet Your wallet address
danila-miner.exe нthe name of the application being launched



The miner is not using a video card or is not working

Try reinstalling the drivers for your video card. It is also possible that your video card is too old. When working with multiple cards, it is recommended to increase the virtual memory up to 64 GB.


Thank you for reading to the end. Bookmark my site in your browser. Happy mining.



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